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Timing can be everything when looking for a rental caryou might find a low rate, say at $ per day, but if you sit and wait for a lower price, .Cheap Rental Car Tricks You ve Always Needed, But Never Known. Avoid rental cars at the airport. Generally, rental car companies impose extra surcharges in airports, where demand is high. Check for discounts. Consider using Costco or Hotwire. Book multiple cars, then cancel as rates get lower. Skip insurance, if you .

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    Rent Over a Weekend. Including weekend days in your rental can save a load of cash off the daily rate. If your schedule is flexible or if you need the rental car in your hometown, renting from Friday to Monday can net you a deal for under $ per day, not including taxes and fees..

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    Renting a vehicle can be expensive, but there are ways of keeping your cost to a minimum. Avoid Airport Surcharges By Renting In Town. Rental agencies based on airport property are subject to taxes and concession fees that can add percent or more to your total cost..

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    There are plenty of options people can use to travel around the city trains, buses, taxis and rental cars. Most people find traveling on a rental car more convenient than other options..