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CNN New York It s the city that gave the world Martin Scorsese, the Ramones A New Yorker doesn t necessarily come from Manhattan..How to Act Like a New Yorker. Stepping into the Big Apple for the first time can be intimidating. New York City is huge with a lot of people and .Now it s time to become a real New Yorker. It ll take some time, but once you ve nailed the items below, you re officially no longer new to New York City..Be the very best New Yorker you can be by following Culture Trip s ten easy steps..

I'm a nester by nature. I just want to belong. An apartment's not home until all the boxes are unpacked a new block's not mine until I have a local coffee shop a party's not fun unless I have someone to peruse it with I'm also a clinger .. In , Doubleday published "a terribly useful guide" called, terribly usefully, How to Be a New Yorker, by Joan and Leslie Rich. Joan was a Brooklyn born native who ventured as far as Las .